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About the Courses

  • Methods to develop your recruiting strategy and use online platforms to raise your company’s profile

  • How to develop a talent pool and pipeline you can use whenever you have a position you need to fill

  • Build up your "employer brand" to attract passive talent

  • Incorporate Equity into searches

  • Attract Candidates from Diverse Backgrounds

  • Define an ideal candidate profile that includes skills and issues related to culture fit

  • Write a job description that attracts candidates

  • How to build an Employer branding strategy action plan

  • Using behavioral assessments and questions for interviews

Price: $349

What you'll learn in the

Certified Recruiter Program

What you'll learn in the

Diversity Officer Training

  • Eliminate bias in searches

  • DEI self discovery using Harvard's IAT 

  • Strategies for masking candidates 

  • Learn where to make the most DEIA postings 

  • Using DEIA language in job postings 

Price: $99

What you'll learn in the

Master Recruiter Certification

  • Master the techniques for executive-level hiring

  • Attract hidden candidates using advanced AI recruiting strategies

  • Learn global recruiting strategies

  • Learn how to shortlist candidates quickly and efficiently to save time and money

  • Using behavioral assessments to find the right candidates

  • Uncover strategies for finding emails and direct numbers for candidates

  • Develop business cases to build the value proposition

  • Developing candidate rubrics for interviews

  • Creating social media strategies for attracting passive candidates into your pipeline

Price: $849


What you'll learn in the

Recruiter Bootcamp

  • The reruiter bootcamp is a non certification course with no test that teaches one the basics of recuriting.

  • This is an excellent program for anyone wanting to become a recruiter or simply enhance their recruiting skills

Price: $99

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